Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Favorite YouTube Video!

One of my co-workers has a special talent, she always finds the best videos on YouTube! Our latest favorite is the Big Numbers Song by KidsTV. The kids love when it gets to the big numbers at the end of the video. I love how mellow and calm it is. It's a magical quiet song.


Does your class have a favorite YouTube video? How about a magical quiet song? I can never have too many quiet songs! Leave me a comment below! ♥


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. BEST SONG EVER!! I love this. I'm totally downloading it... I play tons of "video songs" for my kids - especially when cleaning up or transitioning, but have yet to find a "mellow" one. This is perfect!! Thank you!

    Kindergarten Katy

  2. We have a count by 5's song that we do on you tube. It isn't quiet but it gets the kids up and moving....PLUS it helps with left and right! My kids love it!

  3. this one is cute and mellow too!

  4. Thank you Kate & Kandiapple! =) I love them both!

    Katy, I love the idea of using videos to transition. I tried it the yesterday when a couple kids were taking their time cleaning up. I told them they had until the song was over to be on the carpet. I've never seen them clean up so quickly!

  5. There are two that my kids are loving right now! The Skeleton Dance and Ants in Your Pants.

  6. My class is loving the HavingFunTeaching letter videos. It has helped my kids understand vowels and consonants. Not to mention, they have a funky beat with repetition and handwriting practice. There are even some songs for sight words. LOVE THEM!