Sunday, January 29, 2012

February Calendar Math

  • Penny Toss- This month we begin to discuss money by introducing the penny. At the beginning of the month, I pass out pennies and we discuss different things we notice about the penny. Each day the child of the day tosses the penny and records if it lands on head or tails. We also chant the penny poem or song (HeidiSongs Musical Math)

  • Domino Builder- we continue to make simple addition stories with our dominoes (I have 2 red cars and 2 blue cars. I have 4 cars all together.). I love to hear the cute stories they come up with! Link
  • Daily Depositor- each day we add one penny to our daily depositor. When we get ten pennies we exchange it for a dime. This gives us the opportunity to discuss place value. We also continue to practice tally marks. In our journals, we add one tally mark each day. This is really hard for some of them because they want to do all the tally marks in one day.


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  2. I have followed you for quite a while now, and love your blog. I just was wondering if you were going to do more math journal pages or have them as blank calendars. If not that is fine, just love them and want to use them again this year. Thanks for sharing your great items!