Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chasing Away the Wiggles!

Sorry I have been MIA! School started on August 22nd and it's been crazy! Every year I seem to blackout how it is in the beginning of the year. So far my co-teacher and I have 39 students! Our school is moving another teacher to kindergarten so a couple will go to her class, but I think we'll stay at 36. Luckily the kids are really sweet and we don't have any real behavior problems, just a bunch of lovely active boys (26!). They're already learning so fast, and each day gets better!

So far we try to keep everything super simple and short since their attention span lasts about 10 minutes. We've been doing a lot of Simon Says and fun movement songs to chase away the wiggles! My favorite is called Ants in your Pants by Eric Herman. I found it on Pinterest. I love the graphics in this video!

They also really like Workout to the Letter Sounds by Jack Hartmann. Some days we'll even break out the 10 minute Rainy Day Recess clip from United Streaming to wear them out a little. Do you have a favorite song that will keep away the wiggles? Leave me a comment!


  1. Love you Blog! My kinders need to dance their wiggles away! Take a look at my post and then grab this button at and add it to your wonderful blog! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  2. OMG I used to complain when i had 22 students and we got 5 more if a teacher was out and we couldn't get a sub. I've had 36 at summer camp with 2 co-counselors and nothing but fun activities, but I was worn out. Good luck to you, and I love the video!

    Miss B, Busy Bee

  3. Love the videos, I just downloaded them both! I love The Learning Station CD's. I wish Jack Hartmann was on itunes!

  4. My class LOVES all the HarryKindergarten videos on youtube! Check him out! I have a channel of videos I use in my classroom. I didn't create any of them but my class really wants me to make one for "Who Let the Letters Out."