Sunday, September 4, 2011


Three weeks into school and I'm loving my class! We're down to 36 kids and they're amazing! They all have such personality, they all make me laugh! I can already tell we're in for an awesome year! Here are some things that we have been using in class. :)

Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition activity-
Kids pick an apple card and color the letter on their sheet. I start out doing this with small groups and then eventually make it a center.

Learning Letter Sounds little book
- The kids loved coloring and reading their Sounds Like Fun Book so much that we're going to make a new one this week. This song is by Jack Hartmann. I'm also going to use the school poster maker to make a Learning Letter Sounds ABC Chart so the child of the day can point to the letters as we listen to the song.
Counting Jar book- this book is a place for students to record how many items they see in the counting jar. Click here to download the Counting Jar Book

Color Monster book- every year the kids LOVE this color monster book. It's really old-school in a wonderful, classic way! I've been looking for an updated version and I can't find one. A co-worker copied these pictures back when you had to turn a crank to make copies on a copy machine! This year I re-created the book by scanning her drawings and typing the poems.Click Here to download Color Monster


  1. Thanks for these freebies. I love them!!! I also use Jack Hartmann (he comes to our school every year). I'm in the process of writing a post on my blog of some great videos of Jack Hartmann songs for use in your classroom. (kindergarten days)

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  3. Thank you for your freebies! I had my kids do your apple uppercase/lowercase matching paper today. They loved it!

  4. Thank you for sharing!!

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  6. Thank you for your sharing spirit! ;)

  7. Love love love the color monsters! We color one a day for our color week, but they will LOVE this as another way to see/read the cool monsters! Thanks so the way, my monsters say 1982, I think!