Monday, November 28, 2011

Calendar Math Journals

Here are my calendar math journals for December and January! :) I'm sorry they're a little late. I've been having too much fun this Thanksgiving Break to have time to think about school! I'm thinking that it's a good thing, because now I'm all refreshed and ready to finish 2011!

In January we start making simple addition stories (I have 1 red cupcake and 1 blue cupcake, I have 2 cupcakes) It's really cute to see what they come up with. We also graph favorite foods. In my class we have a child of the day. That child picks which food is his/her favorite and the whole class graphs it.
Click here to download the December Calendar Math Journal

In January we continue to make simple addition stories. We also graph favorite winter animals and start to make tally marks for our daily depositor.
Click here to download the January Calendar Math Journal

I got the idea for my calendars from Ms. Gonzalez' Classroom Website. The clipart was purchased from DJ Inkers. If you haven't already, go check out her website. She has a lot of cute free downloads and her calendars are cuter! =)


  1. Thanks for sharing your calendars, they will be great for my kindergartners!