Saturday, November 19, 2011

Turkey Time!

This week has been crazy!! Observations, progress report testing and of course, lots of Thanksgiving related activities! Yesterday we made turkey hats just because we wanted to! I planned on making them for our Thanksgiving luncheon on Tuesday, but I was too focused on my observation to get them completed on time. I felt a little guilty because I had no academic reason for making the hats. but i decided, if you can't make a turkey hat in kindergarten, when CAN you make a turkey hat? The kids loved the hats and loved singing their nw favorite song while wearing them. Click here to download the pattern.

**Warning, this song is slightly annoying and will get stuck in your head for days! =)**

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Hahaha thanks for sharing, Stephanie! The turkey hats are adorable, and I must say, we showed our Pre-Kinders that exact TURKEY TIME video. It DEFINITELY got stuck in my head, but they sure loved it! Have a great thanksgiving!!

  2. Thank you so much for writing me and telling me about HeidiSongs. I am going to get it and post like crazy about it!