Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sounds Like Fun!

I love music! Like many other kindergarten classrooms we sing and dance as much as we can! One of the songs we use in the beginning of the year is called Alphabet Sounds by Barbara Milne. I like the song because it's really mellow and the kids do hand motions for each sound so it keeps them active. We start out the year learning this song as a group on a PowerPoint presentation. Click the picture below to download the PowerPoint I like to call these presentations Musical PowerPoints. I got the idea from Kelly at Kelly's Kindergarten. The slide transitions are already programmed in with the song so all you have to do is start the slideshow. Due to copyright issues, I have deleted the song, if you have or buy a copy of the song you can easily reinsert the music by following the directions on Kelly's website.

I also made a little book that they keep in their independent reading bags. The kids love to read the book with the song. Click here to download the book.

We also play a matching game and it eventually becomes a center after we've played it several times as a class

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